Special Edition of EJCMO


It is my pleasure to introduce this edition of the European Journal of Clinical & Medical Oncology, here at the 9th edition of the European Breast Cancer Conference, organized by the European Breast Cancer Council (EBC Council).


This edition of the journal presents key issues and developments which have changed breast cancer clinical research and practice over recent years.


Strategic progress in breast cancer through a unique multidisciplinary approach has been the focus of the EBCC conferences since the very first one which took place in Florence in 2005.  This inaugural event already attracted over 3000 multidisciplinary participants from over 74 countries.  Heralded by this remarkable beginning, the EBCC conference is now established as a unique meeting where physicians, scientists and patients interact in order to promote the implementation of multidisciplinarity in breast cancer research and care across Europe and work towards equal access of patients to quality treatments.


With a history of remarkable achievement behind it, the EBC Council is looking confidently towards the future with a firm commitment to helping health professionals implement cutting edge findings into their daily practice in a holistic way.


We look forward to welcoming the breast cancer research and care community to the EBCC-10 Conference in Amsterdam in 2016.


Prof. Dr. Emiel J T Rutgers, MD, PhD

President, EBC Council


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